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Beach Leagues Rules - Game Play

Created: 22 July 2020 Updated: 5 May 2022

These rules are applicable to ALL 2021 (and moving forward) Beach Leagues. If there are any exceptions, it is noted within each rule or on the league page. Rules can be difficult to understand at times, it is important that team captains forward any questions or requests for clarification to league organizers.

DISCLAIMER: if there is/are any discrepancy or conflict between the rule(s) highlighted here and ANY league web page, details on the league web page will take precedence.

Before each game/night, every player is strongly encouraged to go through the COVID-19 Symptoms and Self-Assessment prior to showing up at Kingston Expert Tees.

Parking: Please park to the left most side (as you drive down to the courts) of Kingston Expert Tees parking lot.

1. Game schedule (start/end times and venue) on each of the league webpage.

2. Rally points and number of sets are detailed on each of the league webpage.

3. Games are scheduled for specific lengths of time. Teams should ensure that their games start/finish at the scheduled time. If time is running short, team captains should agree to shorten the last game (i.e. up to 15).

4. At the end of the match, team captains are encouraged to verify all scores with each other and for the winning team to submit (losing team to approve) scores ASAP online (at the latest 10am next day).

5. Teams are requested to bring their own volleyball to all scheduled games. MIKASA VLS300 for beach are preferred.

6. Teams are encouraged to have their full roster per match; we understand that sometimes it is a challenge:
a) COED 4s: 2 players required to start the game. However, every team is encouraged to play with 2Females and 2Males at all times. If your team is short a 2nd girl and there is a team with a female off the court, your team is encouraged to ask this female to play with your team. Teams with 3Males (maximum) and 1Female, will be the last resort. With the 3rd male only allowed to play as libero and can serve. This 3rd male is not allowed to set and attack the ball – only to play defense (bumps). The 3Males and 1Female format is NOT allowed during playoffs.
b) COED 6s: 4 (2Females and 2Males) players required to start the game. Minimum 2 females in order not to default. Maximum 4 males on the court. Any team with 5 players can request other teams that have 7 players available to play with your team.

7. Team captains are mandated to provide league organizers with 24-hour notice should the team defaults. At minimum, teams should plan who can play the following week, after each night.

8. Any team found to default their games less than 24-hour notice, or worse, will be subject to:
a) A default fee of $75 for each occurrence.
b) Removal from the league upon review of the organizers.

9. If minimum/maximum (see rule 6 above) players required is not met, that team defaults the game.

10. If both teams default, neither team will receive any points for the match.

11. If a player is unable to continue to play due to injury or other circumstances while in the middle of a game, the game continues without a default.

12. Should games get cancelled due to inclement weather (thunder/lightning), court cancellation, or due to other circumstances:
a) Please check the league page online for FULL or PARTIAL game cancellations. Details will be itemized online (ie first game, last game – which game(s) is/are cancelled); and
b) Game(s) will not likely be rescheduled but if there is space in the schedule, game(s) will be rescheduled.

13. The game counts should a game be cancelled while in the middle of a game, the winning team with the most points for that match (i.e. 5-3) wins the set. If tied, both captains or representative of each team can decide who takes the win - rock paper scissors.

14. Teams and players are encouraged to call their own violations or infractions.

15. Team captains are encouraged to discuss questionable points, and if cannot agree teams MUST re-serve the point. Must maintain and promote a high-level of sportsmanship in all leagues.

16. The following violations below are the MOST common in our leagues. ALL teams and players are expected to know and call their own violations:
a) Net - Not allowed making any contact with the net at any time during the play.
b) Reach – Not allowed to reach over the net to block the setter who is trying to set the ball on the second contact.
c) Beach 4s:
i. You may not set the ball of a serve;
ii. You may not set the ball over the net;
iii. Allowed 3 touches only. Block counts as one, the person blocking is allowed to touch for the second time; and
iv. Open-handed tip is not allowed. Soft shots like roll shot, cobra, and poke are allowed.
d) Beach 6s follows indoor rules (tip allowed). Beach 6s has 4 touches and the player who made the block can touch the ball for the second time.
e) Attack/hit or block a serve is not allowed.

17. A player may play the ball off any part of her/his body, including feet.

18. Rotation of players is required in 6s but not in 4s. Players must rotate service.

19. Teams may call a 30 second time-out per match, if needed, in non- timed games only. In the case of time running out, no time-outs will be permitted.

Roster and Subs:
20. Beach 4s may have up to 6 players. Beach 6s may have 6-9 players.

21. Should any team be short a player, another player (female or male) from another team in the same league can sub. This is the reason we are asking for rule #6 and rule #20 above.

22. Absolutely NO SUBS allowed on the court. Teams are NOT allowed to bring-in any "last minute" substitute to the games. Every player MUST be listed in your roster so they can provide consent and be aware of our health and safety protocols. No exceptions.

23. During the course of the season, should a player NOT be able to continue due to an injury or any other unforeseen circumstances, the team captain should send an email to the league organizers and request for special consideration to remove the player(s) and/or request for replacement(s).

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