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1st Place = Killer Queens

2nd Place = We Want D Cup

3rd Place = Practicing Safe Sets


Playoff Details: Top 4 Teams will make playoffs the last week of play.  Playoffs are scheduled matches, using the same format in this order (COED 2's + COED 2's + Men's 2's + Women's 2's + COED 4's + COED 4's ). The first team to reach "3" wins in the match to advance.  (i..e so 5 sets max).  Matches can be played to 25 (cap 27), but if time/light becomes issue can be reduced to scores of 15 or 21.  


League Details:

  • For each match, Teams will be scheduled for "2" matches on the website.  This is done to represent the 6 total sets that each match is (3 sets per website match).   
  • Teams should play matches as follows and record the 6 different scores in the 2 scheduled matches.   Matches can be played to 25 (cap 27), but if time/light becomes issue can be reduced to scores of 15 or 21.  
  • Teams that are scheduled to play the early match ( and then hence the double header) please respect time.... for other teams there should be no time restricitions ( other than the dark!)
  • Update May 16th, 2023: COED 2's + COED 2's + Men's 2's + Women's 2's + COED 4's + COED 4's 
  • This is the recommended order of play, however teams can agree  ( i.e. because of a team member running late) to change up the order of the games.    
  • Each set win, is valued at a Point and the standings will reflect total pts (vs match wins).  
  • With 5 teams in the league, each week 1 team will be scheduled for 2 Matches ( i.e. 12 sets).  Matches will be scheduled to start at 530pm, 6pm and 7pm.
  • Teams are required to have 2 females and 2 males on each scheduled night (please use sub list if a member of your team cannot play) as 4 of the 6 matches require this team make-up.  
  • Update May 16th, 2023: If teams have 4 or more  players, different players must be choosen for each 2's match.  (for example the same male cannot play both coed 2s match).  Coed 4's can be played with a maximum of 3 males with the 3rd male (must be identified at the beginning of each set) playing as libero only.
  • Update May 16th, 2023: If teams have 3 players on any given night ( i.e. 2 females and 1 male). The same male can play in both coed 2's match. For the men's 2's match 1 female can play in order not to default. However, male cannot sub in the women's 2's match. 
  • Teams are scheduled for a single court, but can expand ( if teams would like) to another available 2nd court for the side by side 2's matches. ( courts will not always be available to do this!)





We are testing out a new league format and are hoping to encourage some teams to give it a try! This league format is designed for players who are interested in playing 2's regularly and would be suitable for athletes at the INT to COMP level of play.

Teams have until May 26th to complete their roster for athletes to be eligible for playoffs.

Schedule for the season will be posted during the first week of play. 1st place team will receive prizes.


1 We Want D Cup 20 60 43 17 43 1361 1148 213
2 Smash Bros 21 63 40 23 40 1322 1296 26
3 Killer Queens 19 57 39 18 37 1270 1026 244
4 Practising safe sets 20 60 16 44 16 1148 1354 -206
5 Tilly Llamas 18 54 9 45 9 1015 1292 -277

Historical Schedule

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