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2019-2020 RYATT Key Tag Benefits:

1) 15% OFF at Iron Duke

2) Free Entry to Queen's Gaels Vball (not inlcuding playoff)   

3) Corporate Membership at Queen's ARC - approx $40 a month (classes extra). Also free-entry to Gaels Volleyball games during season (playoff  excluded).

4) $19.99 Oil Change at Sonny's Auto!

5) 15% off Body Systems Nutrition

6) $5 Off any L/XL Pizza Walk-in at Mamma Mia Pizza

7) $5 Bucket of Balls and $5 Mini Golf at Kingston Expert Tees

8) TOTAL DIVA Boutique Spa = 20% discount on services. See spa for details

9) Toucan and Kirkpatrick's 15% - not inlcuding daily deals/specials.


Toucan & Kirkpatrick's

The Toucan and Kirkpatrick's - 15% discount - not including daily specials
15% discount - not including daily specials


Sonny's Automotive - Discounted Oil Changes!
Discounted Oil Changes!

Mamma Mia Pizza

Mamma Mia Pizzeria - $5 off large or x-large pizza. Pick-up only
$5 off large or x-large pizza. Pick-up only


Iron Duke on Wellington - 15% off Food Purchases!
15% off Food Purchases!


Total Diva Boutique Spa - 20% Discount on ALL services. See spa for details.
20% Discount on ALL services. See spa for details.

Mackinnon Bros.

Mackinnon Brothers - Great tasting Local Beer. Awesome Staff.
Great tasting Local Beer. Awesome Staff.

Kingston Expert Tees

Kingston Expert Tees -

RYATT is excited to annouce the Return to PLAY!    We are excited to see you on the courts, but before we do, there is ALOT of important information that must be passed along and MUST be followed by ALL league members.    We are putting this together to not only try to have the best beach volleyball experience this summer, but to follow strict provincal guidelines for the return to play in team sports.


We will be launching 4 leagues this summer, all will have a maximum of 50 players per league.  Teams will have strict player registration steps and limits that must be followed.      Each league will be playing at Kingston Expert Tees, 1 league per night.     Games will start as early as 530, and be played until 830pm, teams being schedule for 3 matches on most nights.    Leagues will have very limited number of teams.     Leagues will start Monday July 27th and playoffs will be scheduled for the week prior to Thanksgiving, providing more than 10 weeks of play.  ( start times in the fall may be moved up (i.e. to 5pm))

Our league structure will look like this. 

BEACH 4's        TIER 1           COMPETITIVE                     TUESDAY              10 TEAM MAX              5 registered Players Required

BEACH 4's        TIER 2           COMPETITIVE                      THURSDAY           10 TEAM MAX              5 registered Players required

BEACH 4's.       TIER 3.          INT-COMP                           MONDAY               10 TEAM MAX              5 registered Players required

BEACH 6's        X                   INT-REC                              WEDNESDAY        8 TEAM MAX                 6 or 7 Registerd Players MAX

With the limited number of teams in each league ( 4's), maintaining competitive balance within each Tier is important and for this season league adminstration maintains the ability to ensure teams are playing in proper divisions.   This is our expectation of play...

We expect level of play on Tuesday and Thursday nights to be relative similar.   (Very Competitive), with a slight edge to Tuesdays being the most competitive. 

Tuesday /Thursday 4's   -  all /almost all players on a team should be COMPETITIVE  player ( i.e. played Tuesday or Thursday nights indoor) 

MONDAYS  4's-  Would be a mix of competitive levels of players and Intermediate levels of players ( i.e. played Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday nights indoor) .   We expect that this league will still have a strong level of play

Wednesdays (6's) - Is open to all level of players, but typicaly features a mix of our Intermediate and recreational level players, with a few competitive players mixed in.  



Athletes will only be able to play in ONE League, and we HIGHLY encourage, players who are playing in our leagues, to NOT play in other sporting leagues, other nights of the week.      Athletes should be restricting participation to 1 league during these highly unusal times.   Because of these limits we will be scheduling all of our leagues to maximum number of games on the night of play, teams will be scheduled a full night of play on their registered evening. 

Our 4's league will be a 2M-2F format, however IF players available only allow for a 3M/1F format, teams may play this, having one male designated as "Libero" or back row player who is not premitted to hit, block or "set".    This format should only be followed to maximize playing time for ALL athletes NOT to gain competitive advantage, and this format WILL not be allowed for Playoffs.   Teams may always play 3F/1M.    Additionally to continue to encourage all 5 athletes on each team playing as much volleyball as possible, if additional athletes are present on any given week, teams who are short players ( i.e. only 3) will be REQUIRED to pick up these players for the night and not play short.   Playing "3s" should only be done if no other additional players are present, again not as a competitive advantage.  

Substitute players will NOT be premitted this season, ( for ANY LEAGUE)  for this reason we are requiring ALL 4's teams to register with 5 committed players ( NO EXCEPTIONS)  Each of these players 5 * 10 teams, will fit into the required 50 person league limit.   Each week we encourage all 5 players to attend ( if able), as additional players WILL be allowed to join teams in their OWN league that are short players. 

Individual players who are looking to Join teams will be premitted to sign-up as "subs" to start the season.   This will allow teams who are short to find additional players to help form.   However, once the season starts "SUBS" are not premitted.     If a player on a team is injured or for some reason is no longer able to continue the rest of the season, a team may ask for a special consideration to remove a registered player, and add a new one.    Teams MUST get approval for this.  

For our 6's league, teams are required to register either 6 or 7 athletes, only these athletes will be premitted to play in the league.   The format for this league requires 2F on the court.    Teams can play with as few as 4 players in order not to default games, HOWEVER, if teams have additional players ( i.e. their 7th player) and other teams are short players, this player is premitted to join other teams ( and teams must accept them to try not to play short).      In playoffs teams must have 2F and 5 athletes not to default matches.  


In order to gain approval to play, teams and players must follow these specific steps.

  1. 1.  Sign-up your team online
  2. 2.  Register 5 athletes for your 4's team and/or 6 or 7 athletes for your 6's team
  3. 3.  Have each athlete sign and read the both the COVID return to play waiver and the Official RYATT waiver
  4. 4.  Each player must have email and phone number recorded on their RYATT profile
  5. 5.  Each captains must read the REturn to play document and agree that their teams will strictly follow guidelines
  6. 6.   League adminstration will review Teams request to play and ensure team is proper competitive Fit for requested division of play
  7. 7.  Once this is complete, League adminstration will "approve" teams online, and teams MUST pay their registraton fees. 

Only once these steps are ALL taken AND teams have paid registeration fees will teams be given one of the very limited league spots. 

A mandatory ( for ALL players) league meeting will take place on the first night your league is scheduled to play on

We are unfortunately able to only host a very minimal number of teams and athletes this season.  Please help us, by following the rules and steps outlined above.    Please note, team registrations, if league has to shut down, will not be able to be returned or credited.    These fees will be non-returnable.  


Please do your part to keep yourself, your teammates, the leagues, your Ryatt community, safe. We ask everyone to adhere to the following: 

  1. Adhere to ALL recommendations and guidelines set by our Ontario Government and Public Health Unit at ALL times. Click (or copy and paste to your browser) link here:

  2. High Fives/Hand Shakes/Huddles are discouraged. Reduce physical contact between teammates and opponents at all times.

  3. Please practice social distancing as best as possible at any given time.

  4. Do not bring spectators or children or pets to any matches. This way we can meet the 50 maximum of participants on the court each night.

  5. Please bring as little as possible to the courts (extra clothing, water bottles, chairs) to reduce touch points. Keep them in your car as much as possible. Also, ensure that you bring home (or remove) upon completion of your matches. No sharing of water bottles or drinks.

  6. Each team should have 1 game ball.   Please wash the game ball as soon as you get home, so it is ready for the following week’s game.  If you can sanitize at the prior to playing another opponent, even safer and better.

  7. Do not share your game ball with other teams to warm-up or to play. 

  8. Players should wash hands (or use hand sanitizer) before arriving at the courts and ensure this is done at the completion of each match. 

  9. Players, who are feeling ill or demonstrating any signs or symptoms, please do not come to the courts.

  10. Teams are required to follow strict player eligibility rules:  1) Any player who plays on your team must be registered; 2) a max of 5 players per night for 4s and max 7 players for 6s; and 3) players can only play on one team per league.

  11. You have consented to the Agreement of Risks and Obligations waiver online. As well as the Universal Waiver. 

  12. We will NOT be permitted in the clubhouse. Please come ready to play. Portable potties are being considered and will only be for our group.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support. These past few months had been very unpredictable. We are very fortunate to be able to return to play! At the same time, we have seen so much support in our community that Ryan and I are happy to welcome you all back while providing all of you a safe and enjoyable beach volleyball season. 

Please register your team ASAP. Leagues start July 27, 2020.



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