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Rules and Waivers

HI Teams.  So due to the massive amount of rain and thunder/lightening possibilities tonight we are going to have to postpone the tournament.  3 of the courts at KET have taken on signficiant water, and we would likely be playing in mud.  So here is the deal.  Tonight, the courts are open to play for any of your free of charge from 5pm until closing ( pls be careful of thunder).  Nothing formal will be planned tonight so just play any format -  it might be nice out, we hope it is - but we dont want to start a tournament that we may not be able to finish.    The tournament will be rescheduled to June 27th (   If you have paid your registration will be transfered, if you cant play that date please let us know.  Sorry about the bad news, but hopefully for many of you it means that you get some pick-up in tonight and a great  tournament scheduled in a couple of weeks!

 SO far; 8 (and counting) teams are going to show up for pick up tonight.


Tournament Format will be as follows -

         Pool Play 530pm to 730pm ( as many games as we can fit in)  -Teams will be split into 3 Divisions of 6-8 teams each      


         Top 8 Teams advance to A QuaterFinals (Semi,Finals) - Teams Ranked Based on # of Wins (reguardless of Games played)

         Next 8 Teams Advance to B QuarterFinals (Semi, Finals)  ( Teams not in top 16 will be eliminated)

RYATT BEACH Rules - No setting on Serve, No Setting over the net, No Open Hand Tipping - Each Match will be 1 game to 21 ( cap 23)

June 13th Coed 2's

Sign-Up as a male/female partner and plays 2's.

Game will start at 530pm at Kingston Expert Tees. Multiple pools. Then A and B finals.

Historical Schedule

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