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Kingston Expert Tees, games starts at 5:30pm. Please arrive early if possible. We want to take advantage of the sun.

Tournament Format will be as follows:

530pm to 730pm - Teams will be split into 3 Divisions of 6-8 teams each;      

745pm-900pm - A/B QuaterFinals, Semi, Finals;

         Top 8 Teams advance to A QuaterFinals (Semi,Finals) - Teams Ranked Based on # of Wins (reguardless of Games played)

         Next 8 Teams Advance to B QuarterFinals (Semi, Finals)  (Teams not in top 16 will be eliminated)



RYATT BEACH Rules - No setting on Serve, No Setting over the net, No Open Hand Tipping; and

Each Match will be 1 game to 21 (cap 23)

June 27th CoEd 2's

Rescheduled tourney of June 13th. Open to other teams who wants to play.

Historical Schedule

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