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COVID-19 Agreement of Risks and Obligations

To All Our Ryatt Players and Teams for upcoming Beach Season 2021

Ryatt Volleyball will open the 2021 Beach season on the condition that ALL players and teams acknowledge the following terms:

ACCEPTANCE OF RISK. Any player accepts the RISK OF CONTRACTING COVID-19 by choosing to play Ryatt Volleyball at Kingston Expert Tees and Quarry Links.

OBLIGATIONS OF ALL PLAYERS AND TEAMS. ALL Players and Teams shall be required to strictly abide by the provincial policies set on social distancing.

See below for the link to COVID-19 public health measures and advice:

As well as policies and procedures set out by Ryatt Volleyball (and Kingston Expert Tees and Quarry Links), if this applies:

1. All Players and Teams are under an obligation to notify Ryatt Volleyball if they observe any player(s) or team(s) not strictly abiding to these new policies set in place.
2. All Players and Teams will not play volleyball or use the golf facility if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, if they have been in immediate contact with anyone who is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or if they are otherwise under an obligation to self-isolate or remain under quarantine.
3. All Players and Teams hereby releases Ryatt Volleyball (O/B Marben Espejo, Ryan Stoness and Ambassadors), from any and all claims that any Players and Teams has or may have in the future for:
- any loss or damage any Players and Teams may suffer due to contracting COVID-19, including sickness or death, as a result of playing volleyball or using the golf facility; and
- any suspension or other discipline imposed on any players or teams by Ryatt Volleyball resulting from any player’s or team’s breach of their obligations under this “Agreement”.
- By playing volleyball and arriving on the Kingston Expert Tees and Quarry Links grounds, you are hereby consenting to all the above risks and obligations.

ACCEPTANCE OF RISKS AND OBLIGATIONS. By reading the above, you accept (type Yes ==>) and are aware of ALL the risks and obligations. You are bound by this agreement.

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