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huge congrats to the top 2 teams:

1st Place = Yes Diggity

2nd Place: Hits Creek

League Details:

  • For each match, Teams will be scheduled for "2" matches on the website.  This is done to represent the 6 total sets that each match is (3 sets per website match).   
  • Teams should play matches as follows and record the 6 different scores in the 2 scheduled matches.   Matches can be played to 25 (cap 27), but if time/light becomes issue can be reduced to scores of 15 or 21.  COED 2's + COED 2's + Men's 2's + Women's 2's + COED 4's + COED 4's 
  • This is the recommended order of play, however teams can agree  ( i.e. because of a team member running late) to change up the order of the games.    
  • Each set win, is valued at a Point and the standings will reflect total pts (vs match wins).  
  • Teams are required to have 2 females and 2 males on each scheduled night (please use sub list if a member of your team cannot play) as 4 of the 6 matches require this team make-up.  
  •  If teams have 4 or more  players, different players must be choosen for each 2's match.  (for example the same male cannot play both coed 2s match).  Coed 4's can be played with a maximum of 3 males with the 3rd male (must be identified at the beginning of each set) playing as libero only.
  • If teams have 3 players on any given night ( i.e. 2 females and 1 male). The same male can play in both coed 2's match. For the men's 2's match 1 female can play in order not to default. However, male cannot sub in the women's 2's match. 

Monday Night DUALS

For the Summer Season we will be combining our new league format "duals" league to form - Monday Night Duals!

This league will start Monday July 10th and run until Monday September 25th. Teams will play 1 or 2 "Duals" in a night at Kingston expert tees, with matches starting between 530pm and 730pm.

Teams should have a minimum of 2 F/2 M on their team, but we strongly suggest 3F/3M when registering.

The Duals will consist of game formats including 4's, 3's , Coed 2's, Men's 2's and Women's 2's. (6 sets in a match)

Please register your team online and etransfer league payment of $450 to to reserve your team spot. Registration and fee deadline is on June 23rd.

Registration Information

Team registration is now closed. You can still register as a substitute player.

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1 Hits Creek 22 67 53 14 50 1620 1283 337
2 Yes Diggityy 22 67 45 22 41 1407 1306 101
3 Suns Out Buns Out 21 63 18 45 18 1175 1328 -153
4 Net Worth 21 63 14 49 14 1160 1445 -285

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