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Games starts at 5pm.  There will be NO schedule. Simply play as many games (1 set to 21, cap) as possible. Then we do the seeding and playoff we go. 


A Pool: 1st = Michaela/Joel, 2nd = Alina/Eduardo

B Pool: 1st = Lindsey/Pat, 2nd = Alison/Marc



Sept 5 - COED 2s Series

This tournament series features 4 dates, Tues Sep 3 (Coed 2's), Wed Sep 4 (M/W 2's) and Thurs Sep 5 ( Coed 2's) with Friday Sep 6 being invite only to the top 16 finishers of the first 3 dates.

Each tournament is a $30/player entry, or if you want to enter in all 3, $75. All participants will collect points due to success in the first 3 dates, with the 16 being invited to play in the final day. Individual tournament winners will receive RYATT gear, but the real prize is for the top three finishers on the Friday Night. ( Large Grand Prizes) provided by MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co.

Historical Schedule

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