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Iron Duke on Wellington - 15% of Food Purchases!

Women's: 1st Place  = BBs; 2nd = Starfish Defense

Men's:  1st Place = JAFT; 2nd = Hits Out for D'Boyz


Hope you are ready for a great day of Volleyball.   All teams will play 4 round robin games (9am-130pm) 40 mins each, ( 2 sets to 21, cap 25).  At which time, teams will be ranked 1-11 (Men's ) and 1-8 (Women's).   Men's teams ranked 6th-11th will have a 1 set qualifying match to advance to playoffs,  all other teams will advance to Quarterfinals (Best 2 of 3).  Finals are scheduled to start around 430pm.  1st and 2nd in each tournament will recieve prizing.   No warm-up time is allotted between games ( so please be prepared to start as previous games are finishing).   Games are self officiated, but teams sitting are asked to score keep.   Start times as follows.... please be prepare to start AT least 15mins prior to scheduled game. Teams should pay in advance, or PRIOR to their first game. 

9am  Boucemawns + Bridgey and Gang + BB's + Friends + Silly Blocks + Volleybros +Lunachicks +Smell Like Team spirit + Sassy Sweets + Moxie

940am - KVC + Fly Away + Hits out for the Boys + OldTimers + Starfish Defence + Mix Em Up + Hi + Pegasus

1020am - JAFT



March 9 - Iron Duke Women's & Men's

Play Men's or Women's at Queen's University brand new facility on Saturday March 9th We have space for up to 20 teams. Winning teams will be awarded prizes from Iron Duke and RYATT gear.

Queens Ross and Bartlett from 9am-5pm

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