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Queen's ARC gym, upstairs,  opens at 6pm. No longer at Ross gym. See you ALL this Friday.

Teams will play 4 "timed" round robin games to up to 25 prior to playoffs.  All teams advance to playoffs  Games start at 610pm sharp - 4 Touches, 6UP, Feel the Bern, MuffNMan, Rice and Crackers,  TO CLOWNS.    Starting at 630pm or EARLIER - Scrambled Egg and Whisky, Set of My Face, SUH DUDE and Team Jamie.  Please make sure your team is registered and paid prior to your first game.  

Fri Mar 18 -Reverse 6's

Fri Mar 18 -Reverse 6's

Sign up for an evening of reverse 6's coed volleyball at Queen's University from 6pm-10pm on Friday night. Teams are made up of 3 males and 3 females with males hitting back row and women front row only. A great format to try if you have yet to play. Winning teams will receive prizes of RYATT GEAR and the unknown sponsor.

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