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Total Diva Boutique Spa - 20% Discount on ALL services. See spa for details.
20% Discount on ALL services. See spa for details.


Sonny's Automotive - Discounted Oil Changes!
Discounted Oil Changes!

Toucan & Kirkpatrick's

The Toucan and Kirkpatrick's - 15% discount - not including daily specials
15% discount - not including daily specials

Mamma Mia Pizza

Mamma Mia Pizzeria - $5 off large or x-large pizza. Pick-up only
$5 off large or x-large pizza. Pick-up only

Kingston Expert Tees

Kingston Expert Tees -


Iron Duke on Wellington - 15% off Food Purchases!
15% off Food Purchases!

Mackinnon Bros.

Mackinnon Brothers - Great tasting Local Beer. Awesome Staff.
Great tasting Local Beer. Awesome Staff.

Rules and Waivers

The Women's league will feature 1 hour time slots for games.   Games will be three sets to 21 (cap 21), if games are running close to time, team captains should make an agreement to play to set score in the third game ( i.e. 15).  However if teams start on time, with short breaks, most or all games should be completed to the full 3 x21.    Teams waiting should give teams a couple minutes to allow games to finish ( i.e. an 19-18 game at 7pm can be given an extra 3 mins to finish the game, but a 12-10 score should agree to play to 13)   Round 1 will feature an entire round robin with all 12 teams.    This will go until early November.   Round 2 will then have teams split into three pools of 4 (A/B/C) based upon standings.   Teams will then play round robin matches within those pool prior to playoffs.   Playoff seedings will be based 1st upon pools ( Ie A-B-C) then upon overall wins.   For example, teams that rank 5-8 after the first round, will be placed in pool B.  After round 2, those 4 teams will be seeded 5-8 for playoffs based on their success from both round 1 and round 2.    Teams in pool B cannot be seeded higher than 5th or lower than 8th ( similar for the other pools).    Playoffs will start late November, early December and games will be posted soon.     Moving into next term, teams will start in 2 Pools (A +B) based upon their seeding entering into playoffs this term.  

Playoff Games are now posted, it will feature 2 rounds.  Round 1 (Dec 7th) , PRELIM Playoffs will feature seeds 5th-12th in best of 3 games (to 25) with winners advancing to Quarterfinals and losers being eliminated from play.  (Seeds 1-4 will not play that evening).   Round 2 (Dec 14th), will features Quarterfinals (6pm/7pm), Semi Finals (8pm) and Finals (9pm) all in one evening, with winners advancing and losers being eliminated ( BEst of 3 series to 25 for all games).  

The Annex Spa Women's League - Fall

This league wil feature up to 12 teams and be played on Monday Nights from early September until late December. Games will be played mostly at Queen's, Holy Cross or Ecole from 6pm-10pm. Teams will play 1 or 2 (1hr) matches each evening. Teams will first play a round robin series against all competing teams, and then likely be split into 2 Divs for a second round of play prior to playoffs. Teams should register and pay as soon as possible to reverse their spot in this league, at the latest September 1st. The cost for the league is 525(per team), in which we are assuming teams have 7 players($75/player).


1 Estrogen Overload 4 12 8 4 8 237 183 54
2 Thats what she set 4 12 7 5 7 219 219 0
3 Pink Panthers 4 12 6 6 6 210 228 -18
4 Rayning Toelles 4 12 3 9 3 197 233 -36

Historical Schedule

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