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This tournament will start at 5pm at Kingston Expert Tees.  Courts will be open prior for warm-up. 

Round Robin play – 5pm – 730pm ( play as many games as possible 5 games MAX – for both MEN and Women)  Women will be in one div of 8  - Men in 2  div of 6. Teams will be ranked 1-8 – 1-12,  respectively. One game of 25 pts, win by 2.

Playoffs Start at 745pm no A or B pools. All teams make playoffs. Womens simple top 8 traditional Quarters.  Men’s top 4 get buy – bottom 8 play winners face top 4.   Round 1 745pm, Round 2 800pm Round 3 820pm, round 4(finals) 840pm

July 11th Men's and Women's 2's

Sign-up as a Men's or Women's Pair and play 2's

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