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We hope teams are looking forward to our first every indoor 4's tournament.   This tournament will feature 11 teams, with all teams playing either 4 or 5 round robin matches. ( 1 div of 6, 1 div of 5).   Games will be timed to 15 mins in length and standings will not be based on wins or loses, rather than plus minus scores.  ( ie winning 24-21 would equal a +3).   All teams advance to the playoff round ( top 3 in each divison to A and bottom 2 or 3 to B) where teams will play single elimination matches until a "A" and "B" winner are crowned.     Rules will be simple.  No open hand tipping and no "official" positions ( other than serve rotation).  All typcial "RYATT" beach setting rules will not apply for this tournament ( so you can set over the net and on serve).   Remember games are timed so can go up to any score - teams have the full 15mins for one single match.   But dont be late, teams get 3pts for every min your team is not ready to play.    Teams can play with any combination of male/female players (but at least one of each).  Start times are as follows.  Ross Gym - Queen's PEC

5:15pm - Mad Flow, Pretty in Pink, Furly, HEE HOO ( Sets in the City Scorekeeping)

5:30pm - Sets in the city, sassy sweets, Mixed Nuts, Finish It

6:00pm - Lost Thought, Donohue Financial

6:15pm - Patty Cakes

See Everyone Friday


Games will take place at Ross Gym, Queen's University PEC starting at 5:15pm.  (Gym Opens at 5pm).


After party  - Patrick Dawson, our tournament sponsor, requests your presence at Portsmouth Tavern for Karaoke night. Patrick promises that he will elate anyone who comes and  bear witness to his vocal performance. He may even bring his guitar...

Fri, Feb 7 - Patty Cakes 4's

Fri, Feb 7 - Patty Cakes 4's

Patty Cakes will be sponsoring our first indoor 4's tournament this season. Join us for a great evening of volleyball and cupcakes.

Sign-up as a team of 4 ( at least one male and one female). A great evening of volleyball. It's a Friday Night from 5-10pm.

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