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The Tournament will feature 11 or 12 teams.  2 Pools of either 5 or 6 with a complete round robin within your pool.  Games are ( 2 to 21 cap at 25).   The top 4 teams in each pool will advance to playoffs. 

The Tournament is held at Holy Cross Secondary School and Queen's ARC (upstairs gym).  The playoffs are held at HCSS, so teams playing at Queen's in the AM will have to travel to HC (10-15min drive).    All of POOL A is at HC  and all of POOL B is at Queen's.   Gyms open at 8am -frist games start at 830am.   Here are start times.

POOL A (HCSS) 830am - TOB's, Dirty Boxers, Hydrathletics, NAcho, Duffman...Ooh YEAH

POOL B (Queen's)  830am - Crush, Hitting Bricks, A case of the hits, the Limp Digs (REF - Make it Work)   915am - Tiger Would and Make it Work. 

April 6th Mens Tournament

Mens Indoor Volleyball

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