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Mackinnon Bros.

Mackinnon Brothers - Great tasting Local Beer. Awesome Staff.
Great tasting Local Beer. Awesome Staff.


Iron Duke on Wellington - 15% off Food Purchases!
15% off Food Purchases!

Kingston Expert Tees

Kingston Expert Tees -

Toucan & Kirkpatrick's

The Toucan and Kirkpatrick's - 15% discount - not including daily specials
15% discount - not including daily specials


Total Diva Boutique Spa - 20% Discount on ALL services. See spa for details.
20% Discount on ALL services. See spa for details.

Mamma Mia Pizza

Mamma Mia Pizzeria - $5 off large or x-large pizza. Pick-up only
$5 off large or x-large pizza. Pick-up only


Sonny's Automotive - Discounted Oil Changes!
Discounted Oil Changes!

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May 3rd - 10th YEAR Anniversary Tournament

Tournament Rules:

1.Games are 20 min timed games and will start and end at set times.
2.Games can end in tie. If served is released before the end of time, that point will remain in play. (i.e. if serve is release at 9:29 and it turns 9:30 during play, that point counts. Serves cannot be released at 9:30)
3.Winning Teams must report the scores with scoresheet from REF to Tournament Headquarters. Scoresheets which are not handed in will not be recorded.
4.Teams have a 2min grace period to have team ready to play ( i.e. 9:12am). Each min after this, the team who is not ready will give three points to the team who is ready. (The score should be started at this (i.e if four mins late – the score should start at 6-0).
5.Games can start as soon as both teams are ready to play and a ref and scorekeeper are present.
6.Teams must be on time for their ref “assignments”. Each game should have a REF and a scorekeeper. Teams who are late for their REF assignments will forfeit (1pts/min) to their overall scores.
7.Standard tournament volleyball rules apply
8.Teams playing with less than 6 players will forfeit three points to start a match. (Round Robins only). No “Ghost” rule. Teams will start with a 3-0 score. Max 4 Guys/Girls
9.Team standings will always be based on the following. 1. Wins 2. Head to Head 3. Plus/Minus 4. Points For.
10.Tournament organizers reserve the right to make changes to tournament or format at any times.

Round 1: Will feature a round robin with 4 teams and 6 Pools. The top two teams in each pool will move into the Gold Round (ROSS GYM) and the Bottom two teams in the Silver Round (BEWS GYM). After this point teams will not have opportunity to move into or out of Gold and Silver play. Teams with “Open” spots in pools will be playing “ghost” teams. These games will be default “wins” but actual plus/minus scores count toward overall standings (Games must actually be played).

Round 2: Will feature a round robin of 3 teams and 8 pools. (4 gold pools, 4 silver pools). The pools will be divided based on success from round 1, (Teams will be seeded Gold1-12 and Silver 1-12) and provided with new pool numbers. Top two teams from each pool of 3 will move on into Quarterfinals, the bottom team will be eliminated from play.

Round 3: Remaining teams (top 2 from each pool) will now be re-seeded (Gold 1-8) and (Silver 1-8) for Quarterfinal, semi’s and finals. Quarter-Finals will be 1 game to 25 no cap, with semi’s and finals both best of three to 21 (cap 21).

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