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Mackinnon Bros.

Mackinnon Brothers - Great tasting Local Beer. Awesome Staff.
Great tasting Local Beer. Awesome Staff.


Iron Duke on Wellington - 15% off Food Purchases!
15% off Food Purchases!

Toucan & Kirkpatrick's

The Toucan and Kirkpatrick's - 15% discount - not including daily specials
15% discount - not including daily specials


Total Diva Boutique Spa - 20% Discount on ALL services. See spa for details.
20% Discount on ALL services. See spa for details.

Mamma Mia Pizza

Mamma Mia Pizzeria - $5 off large or x-large pizza. Pick-up only
$5 off large or x-large pizza. Pick-up only

Kingston Expert Tees

Kingston Expert Tees -


Sonny's Automotive - Discounted Oil Changes!
Discounted Oil Changes!

Easter Seals Beach 4's

Net Play
1)You may go completely under the net into your opponent's court to play a ball as long as there is no interference with the opponent.

2)A ball can be played back to one’s side of the net if it has crossed over the net, under the net, or outside the antenna as long as a team has one or more contacts left and the ball is played back under the net or outside the antenna.

3)The “let” serve is played on the beach.

4)Players may not touch the net at any time during a “playing the ball” motion.

5)If a player blocking touches the ball on the block, it is counted as the first touch. The blocker may play the ball off his / her own block however these two contacts are counted as team contact 1 and 2. Total contact is 3.

6) No one at any point during the play is allowed to touch the net.

Playing the Ball Competitive
1)A player is not allowed to complete an attack-hit using an “open-handed tip” or by directing the ball with the fingers

2)When digging a hard-driven spike or serve it can be double-hit and momentarily lifted. A hard-driven spike or serve is the only occasion a double-hit will be permitted.

3)A touch on the block counts as one of the three contacts allowed per team. (The blocking person will be allowed to hit the ball again)

4)The ball can be played with all parts of the body.

5)The ball may not be set over the net.

6)The ball may not be set on a serve.

7)A player may only have one toss per serve attempt.

8)You may not attack or block a serve


1)Unlimited substitutions can be made at any point in the game during a stoppage

2)Each team receives one time out per set

3)Rock, Paper, Scissors will determine sides and service at the start of a match

4)Teams are required to call their own violations, and are expected to be honest and foster a high level of sportsmanship at all times. Questionable calls will result in a reserve.

5)Teams will switch sides after 15 points scored by leading team, for 1 switch/game. Games will be played to 21 with a cap of 25.

6)Games will start at designated times.

7)Team Captains will report scores to the main tournament board/tournament organizer

9)Rotation of players is not required. Players must rotate service. All players are considered front row.

10)Teams can play with three players. One female is required not to default. Teams must have a maximum of two males on the court.

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